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For the past  years EMIRATES ID CARD has the best and supreme stage of  security as compared to their rivals such fingerprint and biometric scanner , smarter card or key public figure structure. If you want to get your hands on your very own EMIRATES ID CARD . then you should apply for an E-form and fulfill the requirements.

ICA stated that if you are are taking services online to register and verification with your EMIRATES ID . Then they will give you a task in which you have to fulfill a  2-step verification . Which will be comprise of OTP also named as one time password which is being set with registered no. of your smartphone.

In case you wish to change your smartphone number in future but you are worried about the registration of EMIRATE ID card so do not panic . we will tell you how to change your mobile no. which is being associated with your Emirates id .

ICA and Federal authority with access of GULF NEWS has provided a query for the owners of Emirates ID card . In this they can get a online service link . you can get access for the that link by clicking here 

after entering in that online service link you will be able to see a similar view on your screen which is given below.

NOW follow the steps given below.

step no.1 : provide them the required details 

following are the list of required information details which you have to give them on that website.

  1. fresh and current nationality. (There will be menu bar for nationality options and you can select your nationality from it).
  2. Emirates id card number. ( obviously the number in digits will be on the main side of card).

    emirate civil id sample

  3. Number of residence visa file. ( the file number is always mentioned on the visa of residence which is imprinted on your respective passport). in the process of filling procedure form. you will be able to see a box of file no. and that will be containing further option like :
  • DEPARTMNET :  In this first section category you have to provide them the 1st three digits number from which your file number begins . i.e. 202 ,209 , 307 ETC.
  • YEAR : fill the next four digit numbers of your file number . these number show the year in which you were rewarded with your respective visa .
  • SERVICE : in this section write down the first digit of the next portion of emirates id number.
  • SERVICE : now fill the digits which are left remaining.

Now lets go further more.

    1. YOUR RESPECTIVE NAME : you have to write down the name on your Emirates id correctly.
    2. NAME IN ARABIC : do not worry the system will automatically write down your name in ARABIC
    3. NUMBER OF PASSPORT : provide your passport to them in the box
    4. DATE OF YOUR BIRTH: you can  select the date of birth correctly by already given calendar
    5. LATEST ENTRANCE DATE: your passport must be containing an imprinted mark which shows your latest date of entrance in the state of UAE.
    6. E-MAIL ADDRESS : give them your e-mail address in the box.
  • Then check the there will be your current mobile phone number showing which was already registered from ICA
  • Now give them your desired new smartphone number . then after that they will sent you an OTP one time passcode . Write that down .
  • Give them details about your current address in which you are living
  • Then pass the CAPTCHA robot test in this you have to put the image code correctly.


The software will provide you the latest progress and detailed information . You should need to check and verify it with focus. If the procedure have some mistakes you can get back to very first step of this process and change it yourself. But there is no mistake you can move further more to the next step.


After completion of above given steps you will be taken to the payment portal portion where you have to make the payment online for you E-services.


Right now the total cost of this service is DH 52.10 .  after making the payment you will be receiving a message from ICA for the confirmation of the procedure you just have done on your new registered mobile number.

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