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On this website we will tell you the clear and easy way that how the housing fee is going Dubai. For getting your dream living style , standard and accommodations. you have to understand the Emirate rule which they charge on annual bases from their residents or homeowners . The additional charges you are giving to DUBAI MUNICIPALITY also goes for the services of DUBAI ELECTRICITY AND WATER AUTHORITY  also called(DEWA).

The house owners or the tenants had to pay a 5% of the properties worth or the rents of annual on monthly basis which is set by the DUBAI MUNICIPALITY. This charge is same everywhere DUBAI and limit is set on the properties market value.

It looks strange but the DUBAI MUNICIPALITY Also provides many comfort and services such as cleaning ,  anti theft security, food preserve safety , pollution reducing technique , proper dumbing of waste and trash management services , gardens and clean streets and many other services you cannot imagine.


FIRST OF ALL , we want to clarify that we will tell you the about average lifestyle housing cost in Dubai. lets say you got a job in Dubai and the first thing that will concern you is living or where to live. so if got a job in a hotel or a beverage company then you should not worry because they have some accommodation by which they give place to live but if that’s then you should fine a place to live. when it comes to renting you have to sign a contact with your landlord for a year usually depending on how you deal with your landlord and you have to pay 3 months advance or more sometimes . obviously the rent will depend on its standard .

lets say want a study appartment not in central DUBAI but close to metro station which is very beneficial for traveling and  appartments will cost you around  3,450 AED/ MONTH without including other bills.so let me clear  it down to you once you have selected your appartment. how will your first payment to your landlord will look like. it will be including the deposit (2000 AED) to your landlord + 3 months payment rental +admin fees (500 AED)+ for electricity and water (DEWA)( 300 AED) + for WIFI  (38o AED)  it will cost around approximately 4500(AED) monthly payment .That is the legal ways . so if  your are single person and want to live in cheaper amount there are people who live without any contacts in rooms with other roommates . there are many Facebook groups and Instagram pages which you can book yours apartment.


After moving to Dubai you need a vehicle for the travelling which is very affordable in DUBAI. Mostly people get their cars on instalments on monthly bases and that’s some people actually get expensive cars like BMW e t c . you can save money if you are with family and get your house from central areas but u will need a car to get to your work. but with car you will also need a driving license from DUBAI officials and for that you can check on their website. buses and metro station are also available in DUBAI  which can cost you around a 1$ for a ride depending on the destination and you can also apply for RTA’S NOL CARD for monthly usage


If you are two person living together the grocery for month will cost you around 1000-1200 AED . but if you are only person than it will be 600 AED. In this you have to cook at home most of the time. At restaurant it will cost 50-100 AED per meal and cheaper options are fast food and home delivery. At grocery stores organic and healthy food are expensive so you should order from food farm they will deliver on your doorstep and delivery system in DUBAI is very fast and good. also beauty and stocking product are very expensive in DUBAI so if you are coming to DUBAI you should bring them from your respective country.


So if you are coming to Dubai you should get first get rid of your dental issues because it is also very expensive because your health insurance will only cover 10% of your bill and 90% you will have to pay by yourself. these are very important things you should aware because it can cause you a big trouble.


IN DUBAI beauty salons have very good service and also expensive but it will be depending on your salary . If your are working in hoteling or aviation then they will give many accommodation which will give you comfort in paying bills and only just to pay  for your weekend trips and shopping. when people most here newly in the start they depressed by facing problems and starts missing their families but it will also happen when you will move another differ country . DUBAI is beautiful city which has so many things to entertain yourself by its infrastructure . It has so many theme parks , safari parks , biggest hotels and restaurants . DUBAI has so many beaches and bars for your chill. You cannot be bored of it . you will get to meet many people from differ country and differ cultures .


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